We are proud to present you with a variety of Louisiana Craft Beer

We are the only craft beer festival in Louisiana to showcase strictly Louisiana products.  Our state has a ton to offer when it comes to the craft beer world and we want to share the best of it with you! 

tickets are required for entrance

must be 21 or older to enter

Your id will be scanned at entry - no exceptions

At the Tap Trailer we will have Budweiser, Michelob Ultra and two craft beer selections available for purchase!

We will be hosting our second annual Home Brew Peoples Choice Competition & a panel judged competition with local & elite judges.

Cannata's will be hosting a wine tasting at their own tent!


We don't have counties down here...

Parish Brewing Company has been at battle against boring tasteless beer.

Located in the heart of Cajun Country in Broussard, Louisiana, our simple goal is to make awesome craft brewed beer. But, our story begins around 2003 when our founder Andrew moved from Louisiana to Pittsburgh and discovered a thriving craft beer scene. Returning home a few years later, he recognized a lack of breweries in Louisiana and set out to create part of what is now a thriving brewing industry. Our first beer ever sold was Canebrake, and it was a huge hit from the start. Our distributors couldn’t keep it in stock, and it didn’t help that Andrew was only brewing in the "nano brewery," a tiny 50 gallon brewery that only made about 20 kegs every week. Nevertheless, Parish was being distributed all over the Lafayette, La. region, and Canebrake was becoming more and more popular with a full range of beer drinkers—from folks that usually drink light beers all the way up to 10th level beer nerds. 

In 2012, we completed construction on our new brewery on Jared Dr. and began producing a whopping 2,000 gallons of Canebrake every week. At that point we began expanding distribution market-by-market in Louisiana. Fast forward to today and we are the 2nd largest brewery in the state and distribute our beer throughout Louisiana. Our products have evolved with the market as well. We also began producing our Envie Pale Ale around this time, and in 2014 introduced Ghost in the Machine. Today, we are known in Louisiana mostly for Canebrake, but the rest of the world knows us for Ghost and our juice bomb IPAs and Pale Ales. When we have time and capacity, we brew other beers too, like Rêve coffee stout or barrel aged strong ales. Our philosophy is to be a strong, profitable business, which centers around brewing products that are of incredibly high quality—no matter the style. We also only believe in brewing products that people want to drink (crazy concept, we know). 

Today, Parish is made up of 20 of the brightest, most innovative, and hardest-working employees in the brewing world. We come to work every day driven to make beers that get people excited and that our community are proud to call their own. Our team is made up mostly of people who have never worked in other breweries before, and we are proud of that. We do things our own way, and we innovate as a result. We don’t brew beer the way some book written in 1992 tells us to, and we don’t believe in boundaries and limitations on techniques or ingredients. If you’ve purchased one of our beers before, we’d like to say thank you for allowing us to make a living brewing the best product on earth.

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What’s in a name? We believe that the answer is everything. 

We don’t have "Southern" in our name simply because it is where we brew our beer. Southern represents who we are, what we believe in and most importantly where our ingredients are harvested. With brews containing ingredients ranging from Louisiana honey to Carolina malt, we raise a glass to the true Southerner’s beer.

Just like anything in the South, the initial inception of our brewery comes with a slew of tales passed around and around. So we invite you to sit back, kick up your feet and enjoy our version of the story. 

Southern Craft Brewing Co. started as a hobby for Wes Hedges and Joe Picou, two friends who were engineers by day and homebrewers by night.  As their skill set grew, so did their admiration for crafting unique flavors highlighting southern ingredients. With experimentation coming second nature to the two, they believed it was necessary to take advantage of locally grown ingredients that were readily available.  


In 2011, Wes & Joe entered their first National Homebrew Competition in San Diego where there with their original brew, named for their Baton Rouge home base, earned second place among 7,000 entries.  You could say that the Red Stick Rye was the brew that began it all.

Their success in other multiple homebrew competitions helped them realize something - they really enjoyed making beer and people really enjoyed drinking it. With this new found motivation, their Double IPA, Pompous Pelican was born. 

Their dream of building a microbrewery from the ground up with Southern-infused craft brews has become a reality. 

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Handcrafted Louisiana Lifestyle

Bayou Teche Brewing was founded on this simple dream – to craft beers that complement the cuisine and lifestyle of Cajuns and Creoles.  With that mission, the Knott brothers decided on St. Patrick’s Day in 2009 to convert a discarded rail road car into a farmhouse brewery.

Returning to America after a six year deployment in West Germany, Karlos Knott dreamed of creating beers that would pair with the Cajun cuisine he grew up eating.  Living in Europe, he had learned to appreciate the regional foods and beers of many countries, and how they had evolved to complement each other.  Taking up brewing beer at home, he taught himself to make several styles of these beers, fine-tuning recipes until he was satisfied that they complemented Cajun and Creole food.  After returning to Arnaudville, Louisiana he collaborated with his brothers Byron and Dorsey Knott and brewed commemorative batches of beer for their family’s holiday meals.

Bayou Teche Brewing was founded on this simple dream – to craft beers that complement the cuisine and lifestyle of Cajuns and Creoles.  With that mission, the Knott brothers decided on St. Patrick’s Day in 2009 to convert a discarded rail road car on their family farm into a farmhouse brewery in Arnaudville.

Today at Bayou Teche Brewing’s Brewery and on site Tap Room and Beer Garden near the banks of the Bayou Teche, innovative ales and lagers are being crafted true to the brewers’ original intent – beers that complement the unique foods and lifestyles of South Louisiana.

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Founded in 1986...

The Abita Brewing Company is nestled in the piney woods 30 miles north of New Orleans. In its first year, the brewery produced 1,500 barrels of beer. We had no idea what we started. Customers loved our beer! By 1994, we outgrew the original site (now our 100-seat brew pub) and moved up the road to a larger facility to keep up with demand.

We brew more than 151,000 barrels of beer and 9,100 barrels of root beer in our state-of-the-art brewing facility. Our lagers and ales are brewed in small batches, hand-crafted by a team of dedicated workers with only the highest ideals of quality. This pride, along with our brewing process, is what creates our great brews.

We are privately owned and operated by local shareholders, many who have been with us since day one.

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Helping re-establish New Orleans as the Beer Capital

The seed for Urban South was planted during a year I spent in Europe.

Tasting Belgian and English ales and German lagers right from the source, I understood for the first time how big the chasm was between the beer my ancestors drank and the mass-market stuff I grew up with at home in South Louisiana. Naturally, as a good Cajun and Southerner, I knew I had to share the gospel of good beer.

With Urban South Brewery, we’re combining the heritage of European beer making with the brashness of new American styles. That mixture of cultural legacy and bold innovation is why New Orleans is the perfect place to launch our brewery.

While local breweries have been missing from the landscape for far too long, we’re excited to join with other local brewing pioneers to re-establish New Orleans as the beer capital of the South. The future is bright for local beer lovers!

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From water to wort to WOW!

NOLA Brewing is here today because our founder, Kirk Coco, read something on a beer bottle that pissed him off. It was in the days after Hurricane Katrina, a time when people were feeling fiercely loyal to the battered city of New Orleans. Kirk was drinking a lot of Dixie beer in those days. It was the only beer brewed in New Orleans. Or so he thought.

There was a time when New Orleans was the brewing capitol of the south, when dozens of breweries operated in the city, among them nationally known brands like Dixie, Falstaff, Regal and Jax. Dixie was the last one standing, until Hurricane Katrina shut down its Mid-City brewery, prompting its owners to license production to an out-of-state brewery. Beer was no longer being brewed in New Orleans.

It was that realization, sparked by the words “Brewed in Wisconsin” on the side of his Dixie bottle, which pushed Coco to open NOLA Brewing. He brought in longtime Dixie brewer Peter Caddoo, and two years later they were selling NOLA Blonde and NOLA Brown to a populace thirsty for a local product.

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Friendship & Fine Beer

Tin Roof Brewing Company was started by two childhood friends with a passion for beer and a desire to create their own southern, handcrafted brand.


The dream was born when Charles Caldwell ventured out west in the early 2000s to work on a ranch in Colorado. During his stint as a ranch hand, Charles experienced an abundance of microbrewed beer and immediately fell in love. Upon returning, he was disappointed to find the deep south lagging behind in the craft beer world. The dream of building his own brewery was born, but it would take years before it came to fruition.


Charles became a banker in his hometown of Natchez, Mississippi. He began making trips down to Baton Rouge to visit his childhood buddy, William McGehee, who was finishing up his law degree from Louisiana State University. William had also developed a palate for the finer beers during a law school summer abroad program in Europe. During one weekend trip and after indulging in a few beers, the topic of creating a brewery came up. The two decided it was now or never, and what better career change for a banker and a lawyer than to start brewing beer. After several years of hard work, their dream became a reality with their first batches of beer being produced for commercial consumption in November 2010.

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An Idea Is Hatched

As so many great things do, Crying Eagle Brewing started with a conversation at the family supper table. From that evening on, the Avery family and a few brave, beer-obsessed souls set out on a journey that would become much more than just another business or job; this one would be a passion project!

Why Crying Eagle? And Why’s It Crying?

Crying Eagle is a rough translation of the Atakapa Indian word Quelqueshue, the name of a legendary chief with a unique battle cry. Later, it was the name given to the mighty river that feeds our parish (or county to the rest of y’all). Today, it’s spelled Calcasieu (KAL-ka-shoo), and it’s our home... So basically, we’re named for a parish, named for a river, named for a chief, named for a battle cry. Ca-CAWWWW!

Things Are Different ’Round Here

We’re best known for four of our most popular brews: Pistol Bridge, Louisiana Lager,  Ready to Mingle, and Hop Blooded IPA. These aren’t your typical craft beers. Lovingly prepared in “the heel of the boot,” what makes ’em different is simple: Louisiana. It’s personality and drinkability. Our brews are unexpected—just like us.

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Livin' La Vida LOCAL

Port Orleans Brewing Co. is the collaboration of business-minded New Orleanians who love nothing more than a great-tasting beer. We live in a city that doesn’t stop at one or two pints, and our fondness for a great session of beers is rivaled only by an appreciation for the rich and inspiring history of the Port of New Orleans. Our vision is to be the brewery of choice for other locals and visitors that love great-tasting, local craft beer. We plan to get there by creating the finest selection of craft beers with consistent taste and the highest standard of quality in the marketplace.

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Why Miel?

Miel (pronounced ME-ELLE) Brewery and Taproom was first conceived in 2016 by Alex Peyroux and Janice Montoya, a couple of nerds with a love of science and all things art.  Their eagerness to do what they love for a living and build a community to share their handiwork is what drives them to make Miel a reality.  Miel opened its doors on October 13, 2018 thanks to the unceasing support from family, friends, the Irish Channel community, and the New Orleans beer community.

Alex's parents picked up beekeeping as a hobby and began supplying Alex and Janice with enormous amounts of raw delicious Louisiana honey.  After doing some research on honey, they came to find to that the word miel means honey in Spanish and French. Miel as a word acts as a bridge, connecting both their backgrounds and cultures.  Legally Miel cannot make mead due to licensing, but the plan is to use honey as an ingredient in a couple of beers as a nod to our namesake. 

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Proudly of Thibodaux, Louisiana, Mudbug Brewery was founded in 2011 out of a passion for good beer, good fun, and Cajun ways. Today, Mudbug continues to go strong with five flagship beers and a host of unique specialties aimed at celebrating and sharing everything Cajun.

What’s a “Mudbug”?

In Louisiana, you can find small mud dwellings in wet, damp areas that look oddly like little skyscrapers all over the place. These are the homes of crawfish. And as such, many Louisianians have endearingly dubbed these little critters, “mudbugs”.

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Beer. Community. Friendship.

More Info Coming Soon!

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Drink Real BeerTM. You deserve it.

Great Raft Brewing is a Shreveport, Louisiana based craft brewery dedicated to making creative, authentic beer and helping to build a great beer culture within communities it serves.

Great Raft Brewing creates craft beer that complements the lifestyles and cultures of Louisiana. Our beer is complex, inspired, bold and plentiful, providing our customers a beer experience unlike any other. Southern people enjoy spicy, flavorful food and Great Raft beer not only stands up to the bold flavors in our cooking, but complements it as well. Great Raft beers are produced with the finest hops and grains, providing our customers with consistently great beer in every batch. Great Raft Brewing was founded on the principle of brewing what we call “Real Beer.” Real Beer is brewed with creativity, passion, and authenticity. Our beer is brewed with creativity that pushes the boundaries of style, a passion for greatness, and authentic, quality ingredients.


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The Vision

Parleaux Beer Lab is a destination neighborhood taproom and micro-brewery located in the Bywater community in New Orleans.


We are committed to crafting high quality, small batch, locally produced beers inspired by imaginative and unexpected interpretations of iconic beer styles.


In every aspect of the brewery, we channel the funky spirit of creativity, innovation, and playfulness of New Orleans by creating a flavorful, unique, craft beer experience in a welcoming, family-friendly neighborhood setting for all walks of NOLA life.

Cheers y'all. 

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Drink Heroic Beer

Flying Tiger Brewery sets out to pay tribute, honor, and respect to veterans and actives all over. Flying Tiger Brewery admires bravery and dedication; inspired to be as courageous as they are to develop an exceptional variety of unique, hand crafted beer styles. Flying Tiger Brewery seeks out to honor the legendary fighter squadron, the Flying Tigers and the craft beer movement by being independent, innovative, and bold! Flying Tiger Brewery is beyond craft beer; it is truly is our identity now, rich in history, respect and tradition.

Drink Heroic Beer.

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No Wake Zone

We say #NoWakeZone because it represents everything that Cane River Brewing is. From our founders to our philosophy, we believe in taking the time to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. For us, that means great beer and even better company.

Our brewery is housed in a refurbished cotton gin building that is nearly a century old. The overlap between this historic space and the birth of a new business is a perfect representation of what Natchitoches is all about: rooted in history but constantly evolving.

Natchitoches is the small southern riverside town Cane River Brewing gets to call home. Defined by that special blend of culture and tradition that can only be found in Louisiana, we couldn’t think of a better place to create a space for us to brew beer and bring people together.

Our community treats friends like family, creating a bond that is inexplicable to those that haven’t yet experienced it but invaluable to those that have. Whether you’re a Natchitoches native or a visitor just stopping through, we hope you’ll stop by and have a beer with us.

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About Second Lines...

Our name is derived from the uniquely New Orleans tradition of second line parades.  These parades can trace their origins to jazz funeral customs that began over 100 years ago.


The second line parade tradition has grown over the years - now they are held to bring joy to almost any occasion.  Regardless of the event, second line parades remain an unbridled expression of fun and celebration that is uniquely New Orleans. 


For us a starting a brewery was about more than just making beer., it was also about celebrating people and traditions of south Louisiana. Along the way we look forward to having a great deal of fun, making new friends and helping to grow craft beer in our community. 

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Beerlogical Point of Interest

More info coming soon!

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Its short for Gorilla...

Gilla Brewing Company is a brand new nanobrewery Gonzales, La. Gilla Brewing is comprised of 3 homebrewers and a passion for beer. Gilla was the nickname of one of our owners fathers who passed away a few years ago. He was a huge influence in the community where we are opening the brewrey. Gilla also means "over the top" or short for "gorilla". We are excited to bring craft beer and the first brewrey to Ascension parish. We will focus on multiple small batch beers with the plans to expand to a bigger system and facility.

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Headquartered in the birthplace of Jazz...

Cajun Fire Brewing Company is a family owned and operated craft beer manufacturing company based out of New Orleans, Louisiana.  Established in 2011, Cajun Fire has garnered a cult following in the birthplace of jazz by producing premium beers with exceptional flavor profiles that pay homage to rich cultural ties of Cajun, Creole, Houma Indian, and the African Diaspora.  Since inception, the company has been nationally recognized as a catalytic business for the New Orleans East Community and has created equitable solutions within the craft beverage industry.


The historical significance of Cajun Fire is that the company is recognized as the first Black-owned brewing company in Louisiana and the South, and also the fifth in United States history.  To date, the company has raised more than $700,000 for local philanthropies and non-profit organizations in the Greater Orleans Parish Metro Community through its continued commitment to using its craft beer platform and influence for advocacy.

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