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Haven’t you heard?

Planning for the 6th Annual Basin Brew Fest is underway!


Basin Brew Fest has been proudly showcasing Louisiana Craft beer since our inaugural event in 2017. Our purpose is simple: give everyone who visits a little taste of what the The Boot has to offer in the craft beer world! With homebrewers and new breweries popping up across the state, we are continuing to expand our festival. While our purpose is to share some Southern flavor, our goal is to raise funds to complete renovations to a local jewel, our Historic Lawrence Park in the heart of Downtown Morgan City. Since 2017, our event has helped raise over $60,000 in funds to help renovate the playground first and now the historic gazebo and fountain but there’s still work to be done! Our committee chooses a different 501c3 partner each year to help bring awareness to their cause. While we haven’t decided on who our partner will be just yet, we can promise that it will be one with a great purpose behind their efforts. Our committee has a passion for community and through the years, you have helped us make improvements to our local quality of life by not only hosting an ever growing event but making needed updates to a local play area for our children and parts of our history.


Preserving history, building community, improving our quality of life, spreading awareness and having a good time is really what we're all about and by way of celebrating Louisiana's Craft Beer Industry, we've found a way to succesfully combine all of those things.


Each year, our event has grown, bringing in visitors from surrounding cities and even states but always keeping our locals at the heart of the event. In 2024, The 6th Annual Basin Brew Fest is set to take place on Saturday, April, 13th. This is an event that cannot happen without sponsors and we hope that you will once again choose to support Basin Brew Fest, our cause and through us, the cause of our partner 501c3.



The Basin Brew Crew


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